HRD and Apostille

(HRD= Human Resources Department, RAC= Regional Authentication Centre, GAD= General Administration Department)

In this the first process is done from the state where the particular certificate is issued. Normally Govt. issued certificates only will undergo this process. This process is more authentic than SDM Apostille. The documents would be;

  Degree certificates of state universities

  Marriage certificates issued from the legal authorities of different communities.

  Birth Certificates

  Death Certificates, etc.

Processing time    : 3-5 working days (HRD needs extra time)

SDM and Apostille

What is an SDM Apostille?

SDM would mean Sub-Divisional Magistrate. A certificate gets legalized from an SDM in India and MEA department affirms it and legalizes with Apostille seal/stamp. This process is done on most of the documents issued in India.

This process can be done on the documents mentioned below;

  Degree Certificate issued by Govt. Universities or private

  Marriage certificates

  Birth certificates

  Affidavits/ single status affidavits

  Death certificates

  School Transfer Certificate and others


  Commercial documents, etc.

Duration for the process:

  Normal in 6-10 working days

  Urgent in 5 working days

Documents needed:

  Original certificate and passport Xerox (In case of Marriage certificate Apostille,

passport Xeroxes of both husband and wife).

Processing time & Cost           : 3-7 working days


MEA Apostille

What is an MEA Apostille?

MEA Apostille is a stamp issued by the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India New Delhi. It can also be done from states where branches of MEA are established. Apostille procedure in India follows the directives of Hague Convention ( and ?Authenticates? or ?Legalises? documents by State or Central governments.

Travelneedz has Apostille services from MEA and can be done directly on some documents. Some of those documents are below;

  PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)issued from passport office

  Passport Apostille (Only good scan of the passport is needed)

  Documents on which HRD/RAC/GAD is already completed

        Processing time & Cost           : 3-5 working days