Malaysian Embassy Attestation

Malaysian Embassy attestation is needed when one gets a job in Malaysia or to get a dependent visa approved. Unlike other Embassies Malaysian Embassy accepts attestation even on the TRUE COPY of the certificate, but verified by the concerned officer in the Embassy or Consulate.

The procedure in detail is explained below.

For attestation on any certificate.

1.       Notary from the state where the certificate is issued

2.       State HRD (Some cases may not need HRD)

3.       MEA(Ministry of External Affairs) from the same state

4.       Embassy attestation

Documents to be submitted:

1.       Original certificate

2.       Passport copy 

3.       Offer letter original(Xerox copy is enough in some cases)

4.       Authorization letter(If embassy asks)

Time needed for the process: 

  State HRD process time may vary from state

  Malaysian Embassy Attestation needs only 7-10 working days

  Urgent process available


Please Note:

Always re-check with office for the correct documentation and process time, because these change from time to time even without notice