Oman Embassy Attestation

Oman Embassy attestation is required when one gets a job or residence permit in Oman. Oman, unlike other gulf countries accepts Apostille procedure also. There is Oman Embassy attestation but it takes time and documentation is also difficult, especially when one needs Oman Embassy attestation on a degree certificate. Companies suggest their employees to do Apostille. Both these processes are explained below.

Apostille for Oman

Apostille on any certificates is accepted by Oman Sultanate. The process is just the same as HRD Apostille and SDM Apostille can be done on certificates which cannot get HRD from concerned state. 

The procedure is explained in detail below;

1.       On any degree certificate HRD from local Secretariat is must (for private certificates, this is not a must)

2.       After HRD, Apostille from MEA, is accepted by Oman Embassy

a)      On Marriage, Birth, Death or other certificates, local HRD is not a must, and Notary Mantralaya HRD will substitute local HRD.

b)      The certificate is then submitted to MEA approval/ Apostille

c)       Lastly, Oman Embassy attestation will be done. 

Time needed for the process:

  Normal process up to Apostille will take 12-18 days*

  Fast process up to Apostille will take 7-10 days*

  Normal process for Embassy attestation is 15-20 days(Not on Educational certificates)

  Fast process for Embassy attestation will take 10-15 days(Not on Educational certificates)

          Please Note:

1.       If Apostille is over on a certificate, then Oman Embassy attestation is not needed, and in the same way, if Oman Embassy attestation is done on a certificate, Apostille is not needed.

2.        Always check with our office for latest information regarding attestation.


*Local HRD time varies from state to state, please check with office. 

Oman Embassy Attestation

Requirements are below;

1.       Original highest degree duly ?authenticated? by the State HRD. (Advisable to get attested only the degree based on which you got the job offer)

2.       Mark sheet copies of all the semester 

3.       Photocopy of passport (both front & back pages) 

4.       Offer letter copy

     When the certificate is submitted in the Embassy it asks for VERIFICATION from the concerned universities. This verification request is sent and the University has to reply to Embassy. If verification is found correct, the Embassy Culture Department attests the document. 

  Please Note:

      The verification charge to be paid separate and it depends upon the university