Saudi Embassy Attestation

Attestation of degree certificate from Saudi Embassy has to fulfill the following requirements;

  The degree certificate should be genuine and issued from a government university

  The degree studied should be a regular one; no distance, correspondence studied degrees are accepted

  The degree certificate has to be attested/authenticated from the Home Department of the concerned state(For HRD details please click here)


If Home Attestation is done properly, we can send to Delhi for the next process. Before sending to Delhi for MEA and Saudi Attestation, we need to check the following details and supporting documents;

a)      Original job offer letter/Experience letter (if already working in Saudi) attested by the Chamber of commerce and MOFA(Ministry of Foreign Affairs) from Saudi.

b)      The job offer letter has a maximum validity of 6 months from the date of attestation by MOFA. 

c)       The job offer letter should be on company letter head and it should have reference number printed on the first page.

d)      Passport copy of the applicant which indicates personal particulars, names of parents, spouse and address.

e)      Colour Iquama copy, if already working in Saudi.

f)       Candidate's contact number and email address

g)      Contact number and email address of the employer

h)      Affidavit to be prepared (it should be on a non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs. 10/- or more and executed before a Notary Public. If Candidate is in Saudi Arabia, then it can be done on a plain paper but must be attested from Indian Embassy or Consulate)

i)        Copy of Valid Visa, if the Candidate is a foreign national.

j)        Original mark sheets of the degree together with original convocation/degree certificate

The final process of the Saudi Embassy Attestation is;

  The degree certificate gets MEA(Ministry of External Affairs) seal.

  Upon submission in the embassy, a verification letter will be issued and sent to the concerned University of the certificate.

  The degree certificate will be verified and the university issues a reply to the embassy stating the originality and other study details.

  When the verification letter arrives, the embassy scrutinizes and accepts or rejects the application for attestation.

This whole process, depending on the efficiency of the State and University departments may complete faster or slower. We can help you to get your attestation done faster. Please contact us for more details.

On other certificates like Marriage, Birth, Death, TC, etc. the process is simple, it is explained below;


1.    Home attestation/HRD

2.    Attestation from MEA

3.    Translation of the document to Arabic and attestation

4.    Embassy attestation on the certificate as well as on the translation


Please Note:


These updated details can change any time without notice, so please contact our office, for latest documentation details